Miami SoundScape / Lincoln Park

Miami SoundScape / Lincoln Park

Miami, FL
west8, January ‘11

SoundScape, the immersive audio experience which brings the indoor acoustics of the Concert Hall to the outdoor beauty of South Beach, Florida, entertains park audiences with spectacular visuals and comprehensive immersive surround audio. Sonitus designed the unique sound system for the park consisting of 167 loudspeakers, processing and the network of microphones and systems within the hall which captures the performance and acoustic characteristics. The park’s prime listening area, which accommodates more than 1000 people, is located adjacent to the Frank Gehry designed New World Center, for which Sonitus was the concept audio designer.

The WallCast events, where concerts from within the New World Center are projected on a 100 ft. x 70 ft. wall of the new building and feature SoundScape audio, are presented to the public free of charge. The first several concerts have received critical acclaim by the New York Times stating, “The big news here is the high quality of the sound, the best outdoor amplification I have ever heard,” and the New Yorker, among many other publications.

The new park has quickly become a tremendous asset to the City of Miami. Success of this system is also credited to Pro Sound and Video of Miami, Florida and Meyer Sound Laboratories of Berkeley, California. Sonitus is thrilled to be part of the New World Symphony project and believes it is the beginning of an enhanced way to experience the performing arts.


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February 17, 2017