UCLA Ostin Music Center

UCLA Ostin Music Center

University of California, Los Angeles
Daly Genik Architects, February ‘14

The Ostin Music center is a new addition to the music facilities at UCLA. The centerpiece of this new project is a commercial quality recording studio. In addition there will be a new cafe with performing space, a rehearsal hall, faculty studios, audio post-production suites and additional mixing room. Sonitus is the studio planning consultant and the audio and video design/consultant for the project.

To create a world -class caliber recording studio Sonitus worked with the architect to create a space that will welcome professional recording engineers and producers as well as the faculty, staff and students of the university. Sonitus’ goal was to create an intimate and private studio where artists are able to express their musical creativity. While maintaining this intimacy the live room is also capable of recording up to 40 musicians and the control room is large enough to accommodate numerous production personnel. All of these spaces were also designed to accommodate small numbers of students when the studio is utilized as a teaching space.

Sonitus has designed and specified the recording systems and infrastructure to meet the standards for modern studio production and collaboration.


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February 18, 2017